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Admin Update

I first just want to take a moment to acknowledge with thanks, the interest and support in this project from the many women who have had a chance to respond to my request to participate.

For the reader, if there is anyone in particular you’d like to see featured on this site then please send me an email [] or leave a comment below and I will see what I can wrangle (although, I cannot guarantee that the request can be fulfilled).

Please note, that requests will need to be either a current MP or an elected candidate for their party or a registered independent.

The reason I have limited it at this stage is firstly, because its election year, and secondly, it would require a lot more time (which I don’t have at the moment) to collate a site that broad.

I also wanted to provide a little run down on the format and structure, so that readers know what to expect and so that any potential participants can use this information to help them decide if they’d like to participate.


I have sent out emails to all women MP’s, and to some candidates who have been formally elected by their party membership to stand in the upcoming election.

I asked if they’d like to participate and outlined the reasons and purpose of this site. I am still waiting on many replies, but I have also received a significant number of positive responses.

I haven’t obtained all the email addresses for some of the newer women to this arena, so that is my task over the next few days.

For those who agreed to participate, I have sent out some questions (in the form of a questionnaire allowing for either short or detailed answers) to help me formulate the article I will write on each on them.

Some of the questions are quite generic, others covering personal political values, some views on women specific issues and a snapshot of some of their non-political aspects.

The participants are not expected to answer all the questions sent [but are most welcome to do so].

Launch Date

I anticipate that the site will officially launch with the first or first few articles by Friday 2 May, 2014. If there is to be a delay for any reason, I will post an update closer to the time.

I’ll clarify here for those who are uncertain that this is not an “official” site for the 2014 NZ election.



Nau mai! Welcome!


Its election year in NZ and I wanted to hear more from the women in NZ politics

I figured that if I wanted to hear more from our women, then there was a high chance that others would too.

Women’s issues are often subordinated in election years as male voices dominate public spaces. This blog intends to provide a platform for the voices of women in NZ politics so that we can gain a better understanding of those women who are representing our interests in the political establishment.

This blog recognises that women are not homogeneous beings. We have different needs, desires, interests, and aspirations.  It acknowledges, that we all make decisions for different reasons and that our experiences are unique to each of us.

The purpose is to showcase the personable and diverse qualities of the women who colour our political spectrum without the noise of party politics, but at the same time not demarcating those women from the parties they operate within. While the site is dedicated in content to women, it by no means excludes men as a relevant and important part of the intended audience. Rather, this site aims to give both men a women a different perspective on women in politics, so that we can all appreciate who these women are, where they come from, how they think about different issues, and what motivates them.

I have approached a number of MP’s and candidates to see if they’d be interested in participating in this site, and I am thrilled to say I have had a very positive response so far.

On that note, I extend the invitation to every women who is an elected candidate for a registered political party (including independent’s) or a current MP. If you are interested, and I haven’t yet sent you an invitation to participate (I will do so soon), please email me

I would love to hear from you!

 [Note, this site is still in the process of being set up, and will become more user friendly soon! Thanks for your patience]